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Tom's Auto Center - Team


Tom Schoenmann     Tom Schoenmann     Tom Schoenmann

Tom Schoenmann is the President of Tom’s Auto Center and started the business in April of 1986. The shop has grown considerably over the past 36 years from Tom doing his own work on all the cars to the current 12 bay building that was built in 2000. Tom’s Auto Center currently employs 12 people including 3 Service Advisors and 6 Auto-Technicians.

Lisa Schoenmann     Lisa Schoenmann     Lisa Schoenmann

Lisa Schoenmann joined her husband part-time in November of 1986 as the office administrator while raising their two boys. Lisa does everything but work on the cars. She is the behind the scenes guru and knows the ins and outs of the business after its 36 years of operation. Lisa’s dream car would be a 1968 Ford Shelby GT 350.

Tom S.    Tom S.

Tom Sumwalt is a master certified auto-technician specializing in diagnostics and drivability. He has worked with Tom’s Auto Center since May 2001 (21 years) and has recently partnered with Tom Schoenomen as Vice President of Tom’s Auto Center. Tom’s dream car would be a 1957 Hudson Hollywood with a 327 engine.

Our 3 service advisors


Advisors    Cary W.     Cary W.

Cary W. has worked for Tom’s Auto Center since 1987 as an auto-technician. He was also a Master Certified Auto-Technician when he was an auto mechanic. In 2000, Cary became a Service Advisor full time at our current location at 5402 Paulsen Road in McFarland. Cary’s dream car would be a blue 1966 Chevy Corvette with a 427 big block transmission.

Cody G.      Cody G.      Cody G.

Cody G. is a service advisor at Tom’s Auto Center. He started in October 2021 with a great deal of knowledge in the day-to-day business of auto-repair. (1 year) Cody’s more realistic dream car would be a Porsche 911 Turbo 993 or 997. If he was really dreaming, he would choose a 1988 Lancia Delta 2 with a Turbo 4 engine.

Larry P.      Larry P.      Larry P.

Larry P. is a newer addition to our family as a Service Advisor in May 2022. Even though he may not always be at the counter, he is always making sure the customer is satisfied with his great communication skills and attention to detail. Larry has many dream cars and has difficulty picking just one. He likes the 70’s body style of a Nomad Wagon coupe, a 1972 Caprice Convertible, a 2008 Suburban Legacy Spec B in quartz silver, and a 2022 Lamborghini Urus.

Our 6 Auto-Technicians

Joe S.      Joe S.

Joe S.     Joe S.

Joe S. started working for Tom’s Auto Center while in a youth apprenticeship program in high school. Joe is the Shop Foreman. He mentors new staff, helps solve challenging jobs, and is available to lend a hand when needed. He is a Master Certified Auto-Technician and specializes in diagnostic and electrical systems. Joe has worked full time for Tom’s Auto Center for 15 years now. Joe has worked for Tom’s Auto Center since May 2007. If Joe had to pick a dream car, it would be an El Camino in anything but yellow, but he would really prefer a RMK snowmobile.

Ben C. .      Ben C.      Ben C.

Ben C. is a Master Certified Auto-Technician. He has been part of the Tom’s Auto Center family since May 2018. (4 years) Ben’s dream car is a 1998 Subaru 22B in World Rally Blue- which is basically a street legal rally car. He also likes the 2001 Impreza.

Shannon J.      Shannon J.      Shannon J.

Shannon J. is a Master Certified Auto-Technician and has worked for Tom’s Auto Center for 4 ½ years. He came to us with 17 years experience as an auto technician. Worked for Tom’s Auto Center since December 2017.

Ken H.      Ken H.

Ken H.     Ken H.

Ken H. is a Master Certified Auto-Technician and has worked for Tom’s Auto Center for 2 years. (Hire date: May 2020) He taught English in Panama. Ken’s dream car is one that works. He doesn’t really care about cars except that they function and get him where he needs to go.

Nycholas (Nyck) S.     Nycholas (Nyck) S.     Nycholas (Nyck) S.

Nycholas (Nyck) S. is an Auto-Technician and has worked for Tom’s Auto Center since February 2022. Nyck’s dream car is a 2013 Scion FRS in blue. He is currently making this dream a reality. He is putting a 6L engine out of a GMC in the car.

Eduardo C.     Eduardo C.     Eduardo C.

Eduardo C. is an Auto-Technician and has worked for Tom’s Auto Center since October 2021. (1 year) His dream car is …