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Tire Services in McFarland, WI | Tom’s Auto Center

Tire Services in McFarland, WI

Here at Tom’s Auto Center in McFarland, WI, we are your source for professional tire services in the area servicing our community since 1986 and counting. Our qualified technicians work on just about every make and model of vehicle and are truly experienced when it comes to tire sales, tire rotations, tire balancing, and much more.

Having a good set of tires on your vehicle is extremely important when it comes to your car’s drivability and safety. Driving with bald tires can lead to problems with braking and steering, which is why we invite you to our shop as soon as you need new tires, flat tire repair, or tire services performed. All of our tires come with free alignment checks and tire rotations, plus a 3-year road hazard protection.

Among your vehicle’s most important tire services are tire rotations and tire balancing. Tire rotations are recommended at every oil change service or maintenance visit and consist of rotating the positions of your tires. This ensures that each tire wears down evenly so that you can replace your tires in the future more conveniently as a set rather than one or two at a time. Tire balancing also ensures that each tire undergoes the same amount of pressure which helps to even out wear over time as well.

If you have a flat tire, you can trust that our professionals can assist you. We will assess the damage and determine whether the tire can be patched, or if it needs to be replaced. If you do need a replacement, we sell tires right here at our shop and can help you choose the best tire for your vehicle. We also mount and install your tires once purchased!

If you’re looking for tire services in McFarland, WI, bring your vehicle to Tom’s Auto Center for friendly service. Stop by our shop during business hours or schedule your visit online today!