4 Signs You Need Steering System Repairs

When you first drive a new car, the steering wheel should feel swift and smooth, providing you with a comfortable ride. Every turn or shift you make should feel seamless and effortless. However, after miles and miles, your steering may start to change. Every car has a power steering system, and it requires maintenance. If you do not care for this part of your car, it may suffer from the following problems:

Pulsating Steering Wheel

A vibrating or shaking steering wheel could suggest that you need a wheel alignment, power steering repairs, or a combination of both. If your steering wheel ever feels unstable, you should have your vehicle checked out by a professional.

Vehicle Swerving to One Side

Like the previous issue, this symptom can be various: faulty suspension parts, improper tire inflation, bad alignment, and a worn-down power steering system. If your vehicle can't drive straight, it can cause significant problems and put your and your passenger's safety at risk. Please give our steering experts a visit today!

Difficulty Making Turns

Is your steering wheel stiff and hard to turn at low speeds? If so, your power steering pump is probably damaged. Nowadays, you should not exert much force to make turns in your vehicle, thanks to the power steering system. 

Loose Steering Wheel

A stiffened steering wheel is a concern, but an overly loose steering wheel is equally problematic. If your driving wheel bounces around and your vehicle doesn't change its direction, your power steering system is definitely in trouble. 


If you suspect that your vehicle is suffering from any of these symptoms, please do not hesitate to bring your car to Tom's Auto Center. We can help your car, SUV, or truck regain its safety and reliability once again.