Common Explanations for Radiator Leaks

A radiator leak can be a significant inconvenience and dangerous. Your vehicle relies on a coolant fluid to keep the engine at a stable temperature. Without a sufficient amount of coolant, your engine is susceptible to overheating and more. Here are some reasons why your radiator might leak:


The problem could be the coolant itself; Subpar, cheap, diluted, or even the wrong coolant could harm your engine. When this happens, your radiator is essentially trying to flush it out of the system.

Heater Core

When the heater core is faulty, it can initiate your engine to overheat. You might notice this problem more in the winter as you won't get a sufficient amount of heat. 


Over time, sediment can cling onto the inside of your radiator and its other connected parts. This can be normal, and that is why manufacturers suggest you get a radiator flush every so often. Failing to remove these contaminants and flushing your coolant can cause the sediments to build, causing rust. Consequently, it will eat through your cooling system's components, causing leaks.


Your thermostat can also cause your engine to overheat. As you can probably guess, the thermostat keeps track of your engine's temperature. When the engine gets too hot, it opens up the radiator to allow coolant to come through. If the thermostat is defective and fails to release the coolant, your engine won't receive the fluid it needs to cool down. Keep an eye out for the temperature gauge. 


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