How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

The suspension system in your car helps to reduce jarring and shocks when you're going along the road. The suspension also aids in bettering how the car works. There are many various kinds of suspension systems, but the one that combines shock absorbers and struts is by far the most used. Shock absorbers are utilized on both the front and rear wheels of newer vehicles, whereas they are largely employed on the rear wheels of earlier vehicles and strut assemblies on the front.

Shock absorbers' life span

Shock absorbers have a minimum lifespan of 4 to 5 years. But the truth is that it depends on the state of the roads. If you usually drive the automobile on well-maintained roads, the lifespan may even increase to ten years. Similar to that, if you typically travel on uneven, bumpy, or pothole-filled roads, it can be less than five years. However, wherever you drive as well as how you drive are the true deciding factors.

Signs you need to check your shock absorbers

The shock absorbers in your vehicle play such a significant part in control and convenience, this is why it's crucial to understand the warning signals of a failing or broken shock. These consist of:

  • Bumping or knocking coming from the rear axle
  • The car is not seated level
  • The back is loose when making turns
  • More bounce than necessary is felt in the back
  • Jarring ride on more difficult routes
  • Small bumps stand out even more

How to fix shock absorbers

We caution you against attempting to attempt shock repair or replacement on your own. You will require specialist instruments, like spring compressors among others, to do this task correctly. To accomplish this correctly, you'll also need to have a lot of expertise maintaining automobiles. It is preferable to have a professional handle this, as with the majority of automotive changes.


Instead of wasting time and money trying to fix the shock absorber yourself, invest some money to get fulfilling results immediately. Bring your vehicle to Tom's Auto Center today to have your shock absorbers fixed by experts.