How to Avoid Draining Your Battery this Summer

If you have somewhere to be, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting into your car just to be greeted by engine cranking or a dead battery. If your car can’t start up, it is very likely that you have a dead battery. A drained battery is never fun to deal with especially in the midst of summer, which is typically when your batteries die much quicker.


Here are some tips on how to avoid a dead battery this summer: 

  • Try parking your vehicle in parking garages, out of the sun, and/or in the shade. Heat is your car battery’s worst enemy. So if you want to keep it healthy, please be cautious of how long your car stays sitting in the sun.
  • Have your vehicle charge tested before, especially if you have a road trip or long drive to take. If it has been a while since your last battery check-up or replacement, it doesn’t hurt to have your battery charge tested at our auto repair shop. It can help you better anticipate when you might need to replace it.
  • Reduce electronic accessory usage. This means to unplug any cords that aren’t being used and reduce A/C use if possible. If you’re too many things at once, it can overwork your car battery.
  • Keep your battery terminals clean. If you regularly inspect and clean your battery, it is less likely that corrosion can build up and eat away your battery.
  • Consider buying a car battery charger. If you’re heading out for a long drive, this item can come in handy in emergencies.

If you plan on driving a lot in the upcoming warmer months, please be sure to follow the battery maintenance tips above to avoid a dead battery. For all your auto electrical system needs, please call or visit Tom’s Auto Center soon.