Poor Driving Habits You Should Quit

Whether you are a newbie driver or an experienced one, we all have our own bad driving habits. Some of them are more forgiving than others, while others can cost you additional fuel and repair bills. The good news is that you can always correct your habits to prevent problems down the line. Read on to learn more about some terrible habits that could be hurting your car:

Running Over Potholes

There are many different areas of the car that you can potentially hurt from speeding into a pothole. If you tend to do it often, it can harm your suspension parts, wheel alignment, and steering components. Plus, it can also burst your tires. It is best to slow down if possible when driving over potholes.

Speeding Over Speed Bumps

The whole point of a speed bump is to slow down your car. Similar to the pothole, this can also hurt your shocks and struts, tires, and steering system. Plus, you don’t want to damage your bumper or undercarriage either. Next time, try taking it easy.

Forgetting to Use the Parking Brake

You should be using the parking brake or e-brake every time you park your vehicle. Doing so minimizes the strain on your transmission system. Additionally, it locks your wheel up so you don’t have to worry about it rolling in unstable conditions.

Not Stopping Before Shifting Gears

We can get carried away sometimes and let our cars roll forward or back when shifting in and out of reverse and drive. It is important to have patience and stop properly because this habit can hurt your transmission system. The transmission needs proper stops or breaks so that it can shift smoothly from one gear to another. 


We hope you can work hard next time to fix these bad habits so that you can minimize the wear and tear on your car. At Tom’s Auto Center, we are always looking forward to servicing your car. For all your auto repair needs, please give us a call or visit today.