Understanding the Different Types of Brake Pads

Brake pads are vital, integral parts of your vehicle. You need them every day because they provide proper friction to slow down your car. That's why you must choose the right pads for the ultimate convenience. Your choice will depend on the materials used, sourcing reliability, and when you need to replace them. This post highlights the different types of brake pads to aid in decision-making.

Semi Metallic

Semi metallic brake pads are one of the most popular options because of their optimal performance. Metal is the highest part of their composition and often includes other materials such as copper, steel, and graphite lubricant. They are the ideal choices for the best returns on investment because they are more durable and long-lasting.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are an advanced element of the automotive industry. They are costlier than other brake pads but more convenient. They feature high durability, stability, and quieter braking. Besides, they are wear-resistant, making them more eco-friendly because they produce less brake dust.

Non-Asbestos Organic

Non-asbestos organic brake pads are ideal and economical options for daily driving. They are also the best braking pads for lighter luxury vehicles. They have a relatively great performance and are quieter compared to other pads.

Low Metallic NAO

Low metallic non-asbestos braking pads are made with metal, copper or steel. They are best known for high heat and friction braking, an ideal option for high-speed braking.

Tips for Choosing the Right Braking Pads

Choosing the right braking pads is the first step toward your vehicle's optimal functionality. You can research to understand the perks and shortcomings of all braking pads and then choose what suits you best. Your choice depends on your budget, your car, and the driving you do. However, you must make sure that your braking pads can last longer and give value to your money. If you need brake pad replacement, feel free to bring your vehicle to Tom's Auto Center today.