What Are the 3 Types of Oil?

Oil changes are arguably the most important (and most frequent) maintenance service that every driver needs in their lifetime. This grease is responsible for keeping your engine adequately lubricated and absorbing excess to prevent overheating. Though all engine oil serves the same purpose, there are different kinds—the three types of oil are synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil. At Tom's Auto Center, our mechanics can give you a consultation and recommend which type is best suited for your vehicle. 


The 3 Types of Motor Oil


Synthetic oil is chemically engineered in a lab to be more consistent and high-performing. It is highly effective at reducing friction and withstanding sweltering temperatures. Its chemical compounds benefit your vehicle by improving fuel efficiency and increasing horsepower. Synthetic oil is often recommended for cars that demand peak-level performance. The most desirable benefit of synthetic oil is its longer-lasting properties; it can last you between 10,000 to 20,000 miles before another change. 

As you may have guessed, synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil. In the end, you could be saving money by less frequent oil changes.



Semi-synthetic oil is a combination of both synthetic and conventional base oil. It has many of the attributes of full synthetic oil but at a lesser price. With additives, it can help resist oxidation and improve performance in high temperatures. Drivers can expect to run about 7,500 miles between changes of semi-synthetic. This type of oil is also used a couple of times when transitioning a vehicle from conventional to fully synthetic.



This type of oil is the most traditional and comes in various qualities. Conventional oil is cheaper, and it is recommended for older-model vehicles with less complex engine designs. You can expect the change interval to be between 3,000 to 5,000 miles.


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