Why Are Wheel Alignments Important?

Proper wheel alignment optimizes vehicle handling, reduces wear and tear on your tires and surrounding components, and improves overall vehicle efficiency. At Tom's Auto Center, we cannot stress the importance of wheel alignments enough. Not only do we want to help you out with regular wheel alignments and tire checks, but it is in our best interest to keep you and your vehicle safer on the road.

Over the course of your vehicle’s life, brakes will be slammed, sharp turns will be taken, and speed bumps and potholes are inevitable. All these things can offset your wheel alignment and cause your car to veer to one side. A wheel alignment ensures your tires and wheels are turned to their safe angles specified by the manufacturer.

So you might be wondering, how can you tell if your car is out of alignment? And the answer is, you'll definitely know in one way or the other! Below are some of the most common signs of wheel misalignment:

  • Uneven or premature tire wear
  • Car pulling to the side of the road/cannot drive straight
  • Loose steering wheel
  • Steering wheel appears crooked at all times
  • Poor fuel economy

If it has been 6,000 miles or 6 months since your last alignment check, we advise that you drop by Tom's Auto Center. You can also refer to your car’s owner's manual as it will specify when an alignment may be needed. When you take care of your car and its tires, it will take care of you on the road by keeping you safe. Not only will you drive with confidence, but you’ll not save money on tires and other repairs in the long run.

Please call or visit the tire experts at Tom's Auto Center today!


Wheel Alignment