Why Changing Your Oil Filter Is Crucial for Your Car's Health

Regular oil changes are critical to keeping your car's engine running smoothly, but did you know that changing your oil filter is just as important? The oil filter plays a necessary role in protecting your engine and keeping it running efficiently. Here are some reasons why it's important to change your oil filter regularly:

Remove Contaminants from Your Oil
The oil filter's primary job is to separate the contaminants from the oil as it circulates through the engine. Over time, these contaminants can build up and cause damage to your engine, leading to costly repairs. Regularly changing your oil filter ensures that it does its job properly and keeps your engine clean.

Improve Engine Performance
A dirty or clogged oil filter can lead to reduced engine performance. As contaminants build up in the oil, it becomes less effective at lubricating the engine's moving parts, increasing wear and tear. A clogged filter can cause your engine to run less efficiently, impacting fuel economy and overall performance.

Extend Your Engine's Life
By removing contaminants from the oil, the oil filter helps to extend your engine's life. A clean engine is less likely to suffer from premature wear and tear, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs down the road. Regularly changing your oil filter is a small investment that can pay off in the long run by extending the life of your engine.

Maintain Warranty Coverage
If your car is still under warranty, please follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to the tee, including oil and filter changes. Failure to do so could rescind your warranty coverage and leave you responsible for costly repairs. By staying on top of your oil filter changes, you can maintain your warranty coverage and protect your car.

If you're due for an oil change, don't forget to change your oil filter as well. For professional oil changes and other auto maintenance services, contact the team at Tom's Auto Center today.


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