Why Is My Car A/C Blowing Hot Air?

On a hot summer day, it’s normal for your car’s air conditioning to blow hot air upon start-up… at least until it warms up. It should take no more than a minute or two for you to feel cold air. Otherwise, your auto air conditioning system may be malfunctioning. Don’t be caught melting in the heat this summer by taking your car to Tom’s Auto Center for reliable A/C repair.


When you bring your vehicle to our auto service shop, we will provide a comprehensive inspection and test your car's A/C. We’ve got you covered, from everything including the condenser, blower motor, evaporator, filter, refrigerant, electrical wiring, and more.

Common Causes of A/C Problems 

Low Refrigerant - Refrigerant is the substance that flows through the A/C system to keep the air cool. If there is not enough of it, it typically means you have a leak that needs to be repaired. Once the leak is patched, a professional mechanic can top your car off with some more.


Faulty Condenser - This component is in charge of removing the heat from the refrigerant. If there is a clog in the condenser, the refrigerant will stay hot and blow warm or hot air out the vents.


Bad Compressor - The compressor is responsible for facilitating the flow of refrigerant around the system. In other words, a broken compressor will leave the refrigerant idle.


Malfunctioning Cooling Fan - The cooling fan does precisely what it sounds like – it cools the air. If this component is faulty, you will receive warm air.


Electrical Issue - Your A/C system is almost completely powered by electrical components, and a minor problem such as a blown fuse or wrong wiring can cause hot air to blow instead of cool.


If you're currently stuck in the heat with faulty auto A/C, we invite you to bring your car to the certified technicians at Tom’s Auto Center for proper A/C service and inspection.