Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

On the highway, you're driving your car, likely listening to your favorite tunes, and have the AC blasting. Then the traffic slows down, and you've noticed that your car vibrates. You may be questioning to yourself, "why does my car feel like an angry massage chair?" when you are driving on a smooth road. Read on to see what causes the car to vibrate and why.


Most Likely Causes of Car Vibration:

Alignment Issues

If the front end alignment is off balance, it would cause vibration. Another thing that could cause alignment issues is the wheel could be unbalanced. There could also be suspension issues. Either way, you'll want to get this checked as soon as possible, as it's dangerous driving a car that has either issue.


Brake Pad Issues

Overtime, the brake pad can be worn out or even damaged. You'll know that it's on its way out when you stop the car, as it will vibrate with squeaking sounds. While it may not seem like a concern now, it's better to get the brake pads replaced sooner than later.


Uneven Brake Rotors

Brake rotors simply don't last forever. From the heat and friction that is created, it eventually wears down the brake rotor. When they're worn, as you brake, the brake pads only make contact in certain areas, which causes the vibration. This is more noticeable if you are slowing down on the highway because you're driving at a higher speed.


Brake Service in McFarland, WI

Driving a car should always be a smooth and safe experience. No one enjoys a bumpy ride. If your car is brake shuddering, it means that the braking or suspension system needs attention. If you need brake repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Tom's Auto Center today!