Why You Should Fix Your Muffler

Most people only think of the exhaust pipe whenever they hear "exhaust system." However, many parts make up the system, and the muffler is one of those parts that play a vital role. 


Purpose of a Muffler

As the name suggests, a muffler "muffles" the excess sound made from the engine. Your motor engine needs to generate a substantial amount of energy to power your car. It creates sounds that travel through the exhaust pipe as a byproduct. Without a functioning muffler, your car ride will be obnoxiously loud.


Some drivers and motorcyclists choose to go without a muffler for an aesthetic purpose. Many believe that removing the muffler gives the car more power and ultimately more speed, but that is a common misconception. There are also a handful of individuals who simply just procrastinate getting it fixed. Regardless of whether it is a personal choice, you should really consider using the muffler for its intended purpose.


Cons of Having a Broken Muffler:

Laws & Loud Noise.  There are laws against automobiles in certain states or cities with damaged or broken mufflers. In addition, loud roars can be very disruptive to the rest of your community. To avoid complaints from others, it's best if you had a working muffler on your car.


Lead to Engine Issues - As mentioned before, a muffler's primary role is to dampen sound, but it plays a role in engine performance as well. The engine needs to get rid of hazardous byproducts in order to work efficiently. In other words, you are slowing down your machine.


Release of Toxic Gases - A nonpresent muffler will allow harmful emissions to eject from the exhaust pipe and may also allow other chemical fumes to enter the cabin, which may be dangerous to people in the car.


Car owners often neglect the muffler, but it serves an essential purpose in the exhaust system. The lack of one can be very bothersome for you and others around you. If you require a muffler repair or any other auto service, give us a call or visit Tom's Auto Center today!



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